PFOX was instrumental in the recent formation of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus.

PFOX’s history of support for discrimination and opposition to antibullying programs in the schools is summarized at Ex-Gay Watch under the PFOX category.

To develop an understanding of PFOX’s hopes for the nation’s schools, it may be worth knowing both PFOX’s official history, and the background of its staff.

Here is some background.

From 2001 through mid-2003, PFOX’s webmaster was a man operating under the pen name “Burning Black Triangle” or BBT for short.

Over the course of 2002, PFOX vice president Estella Salvatierra was notified several times, on one of PFOX’s discussion boards, that BBT was operating a site that advocated violence against homosexuals and the burning of gay-tolerant churches. In response, BBT said (in online discussions) that the death threats were a parody of old gay-revolutionary literature — but he refused to amend his web site to label his literature as parody. PFOX declined to take action regarding the webmaster’s personal web site for the better part of a year. Finally, the site quietly disappeared from GeoCities in mid-2003, and PFOX obscured the identity of its (former?) webmaster on its official web site.

But the webmaster’s hate site remains archived at, and people interested in the behind-the-scenes values of some of PFOX’s staff can evaluate the content for themselves.

Foreseeing the possibility that PFOX or BBT might request deletion of the pages from, I am copying them here. They are not copyrighted.

The webmaster’s mission statement

Mission Statement

The Burning Black Triangle Homepage is maintained as a resource for people that want to keep up to date on the issues surrounding the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community. The Ultimate Goal is to spur opposition to the GLBT agenda in current culture. The GLBT community has long lobbied for “special rights”. American citizens will no longer stand by and allow this minority to prosper at the expense of the majority. No longer will they be allowed to shove their lies down the throats of our children or intimidate people through their solidarity. Straight people will no longer stand for the State sanctioning and forcing us to accept the homosexual deathstyle. No longer will we turn a blind eye to their participation in the growth of a hedonistic “do whatever gives you pleasure” life philosophy. The candy-coated politics of the homosexual agenda will no longer be tolerated by Americans. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THE POLITICS OF STRAIGHT HATERS! Surf the links. See for yourself the kind of people out there on both sides. Understand that there are unreasonable radicals on both sides of the argument. Do not be blinded by the popularized notion that homosexual acts are acceptable, normal and/or healthy. Many Homosexuals would like nothing better then to become an elite class among the Heterosexual population. We will not be pushed around by these heterophobes! The selfish and broken behaviors of homosexuals have destroyed friendships and families across the globe.

America is the home of the free. This includes freedom to keep unwanted elements out of our neighborhoods, schools, churches, and public institutions. Citizens of the United States of America have the right to keep our children safe from elements in contemporary culture deemed unsafe and morally unsound. We also have the right to educate our children about this Sickness affecting thousands of people. We need to let our children know that, much like Alcoholism or drug addiction, Homosexuality can be overcome!

I ask all the readers who have never previosly thought about how the homosexual community impacts your life to ask yourself, “If I don’t pay attention today, will my ignorance be taking away my child’s choice tomorrow?”

Join The Chorus of Hope!!! Become A Leader In Your Community and Stand Against Queer America! Do It for Your Children and Their Future! Do it Because These Lost Souls Trapped In Homosexuality Need Your

Help To Wake UP!!!

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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Is there doubt that Homosexuals condone Anarchy?

Oh Great, Angry Militant Feminist Lesbians! Does it get any worse Mr. Springer?

Activism Log

Scroll to 1/10/02 for death threats and arson threats against gay-tolerant people. Scroll to 09/05/02 for threats against HRC activist Wayne Besen. (By the way, HRC does employ heterosexuals.)

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]



Did you know that religion is protected by the Hate Crimes Legislation of 1998? This would affect most people that choose to threaten and protest religious institutions because of their moral views! Did you know that Heterosexuals are protected by the Hate Crimes Legislation of 1998? So Gay People Everywhere, It’s official! You have to stop hating Straight people now! Guys? have you ever been assaulted or badmouthed by a Man hating lesbian bent on toppling the Patriarchy? Did you know that Gender is protected by the Hate Crimes Legislation of 1998? So have that disfunctional member of society locked up for hating your penis! Did you hear that? All You Man Hating Lesbians bent on spreading anarchy, You have to STOP Hating Men now! Have you been the victim of a hate crime similar to the ones I’ve described above?


[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Ok, here is an organization that got my attention.

This is a prime example of Homosexual Activists targeting the Family unit for destruction. This group just reeks of intent on drawing hits away from the American Family Association Site, . Just look at the Meta tagging on the We Are Family Website! Totally Tailor made to draw hits from search engines. Anyways, here is the mission statement from We Are Family…

Our mission is to encourage straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgendered and questioning members of our community to value one another through education.

Ok, I can see how an organization would want to bring elements of the group together… Solidarity among Homosexuals and their friends. Straightforward… (oops no pun intended)

We promote and distribute educational resources which inspire society to manifest our vision.

Our Vision… OUR VISION!!! Ok just what is their vision and does it involve my children? Does it involve the devaluing of the Family unit in favor of some watered down civil union? Does it involve poor Gender role modeling for future generations? Does it involve Femininity for the men and Masculinity for the women? You know I always wondered how healthy people would want go against the way God made them. But I digress, this line sounds a lot like something a Nazi would say, “Our Vision!”

We work by all means available for the acceptance of gays and lesbians as full members of our society.

Ok quick question, Since when are Homosexuals not full memebers of society? Just because we don’t embrace your “lifestyle” and because we don’t teach it to our kids and because we don’t practice it and because we all don’t sleep with everyone else and because we like to have an element of order and safe living and because I happen to like sleeping with memebers of the opposite sex and because my religion says it’s morally reprehensible and becuase the idea of fucking a memeber of the same sex is REPULSIVE to me, (Deep breath) Just becasue of these things you are not full members of society? Then I ask you this reader… How come Christians are not full members of society?! How come you don’t teach our way of life in public schools? How come? Huh?

We focus primarily on the plight of gay and lesbian children, who often suffer the most because they have nowhere to turn for advice and support.

Youth outreach is very important… Especially if you are trying to mold future generations. I say to all of the people that recognize that the Christian lifestyle is under attack, educate your children about homosexuality! Teach them that it is not acceptable! Help them understand that Homosexuality is destructive and maddening! Let’s not turn ourselves away from our children! Let’s focus on the plight of youth struggling with the propoganda of Homosexuality!

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


The Above is a set of responses to a letter to the editor. One of the writers caught my attention with some very pointed reasons for keeping your children out of the public school systems.

It is not just the funding that makes me cringe when I consider sending my first child to public school, it is the lack of respect that is displayed in all levels of the schools. It is sixth graders behaving in promiscuous ways because sex is taught to be okay “as long as you are safe.” It is children who can stand up in class and call the teachers foul names and have no recourse for their actions. It is teachers who are allowed to openly display their homosexuality as a “lifestyle” but children who pray before eating their lunch in the cafeteria are ostracized and/or suspended.

Here we see the results of the Secularization of America’s schools… The school boards in our states are abandoning childrens need for a safe and neutral education. I encourage all readers with Elementary school age children to interview your childs teachers about homosexuality and ask them “How do you feel about this issue? How would you answer if my child asked you about Homosexuality? Does your school include materials in your sexual education classes that promote or condone the Homosexual lifestyle? Can I see the materials you use?”. Talk to your school’s principals about it, join the PTA and act out in your community against Homosexuality.


[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Thought Police? Is the Anti-Gay Movement a reactionary or reflexive defense against the Orwellian Nightmare? Is the “Hate” Crime legislation the first step to suppression of any opinion that differs from the opinions of the State? We shall be Free Humans. We the people will not be dictated to by Homosexuals or any other group that tries to push their morality down our throats! I found an interesting link to a site dedicated to watchdogging not the Homosexual Agenda, but the Orwellian evolution of our culture… I include it in this because one of our patriots theorizes that in these days if one is to be Anti-Gay then one must also be Anti-Government. Strangely liberal thinking…

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


The phenomenon of Gay/Straight Alliances is questionable. Where else in America’s schools can you find a group based exclusivly on sex and sexual preference or sexual practices. Maybe we could start a Tatantric Sex Student Union. How about Students for Allowing Total Acceptance of Nudity (or S.A.T.A.N for short). Below are a couple of links to one local governments issuance of Grants to establish and/or fund a Gay/Straight Alliance. If your local government is doing this, remember these are your tax dollars at work to further an agenda that you may not agree with and could potentially harm your children. Do not let your Government act against you with your money! GET MAD! WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND YOUR SCHOOL BOARD!! TELL THEM THAT YOU DON’T WANT YOUR CHILDREN PUT AT RISK FOR AIDS OR OTHER POTENTIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL HARM!! OPPOSE HETEROPHOBES IN YOUR SCHOOLS!!!

Gay Scholarship funded by Tax dollars?

Gay/Straight Alliances

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Messages of Tolerance

Just today I recieved a message from an undiclosed soure about a new website out on the net promoting a Pro-Gay message for family’s in doubt or crisis. This can only be the work of groups like PFLAG or GLAAD. Public Relations and Media manipulation can go a long way towards distorting the image of real life. In the same way that McDonald’s presents their hamburgers on the TV commercials, you know it’s never as juicy and neat as it looks on the commercial. The same holds true of sites like Family Acceptance. They show a candy coated fantasy of a home where a gay child is fully accepted by his parents and what the family can do to cope or adjust to this new paradigm. This of course is not real life… It’s not as cut and dry as they would like to believe. Anyone who has experienced this emotional admission, the coming out process, knows how traumatic it is. It’s almost a right of passage for one to admit to others that they are Gay. You got to come “Out” to be part of the “In” crowd.

Parents who are experiencing and dealing with a child that is going through a period of doubt are up against a Tidal Wave of obstacles sometimes. Not only do we have groups like PFLAG and GLAAD, who are seeking to reach the public and promote acceptance of the lifestyle. (PFLAG especially reaches out to the family as a whole, not only to support the questioning youth but to subvert and provide a “tolerant” substitute for the authority of the parent.) There are also peer factors, we have Gay/Straight Alliances in the Schools and in the communities there are GLBT Youth centers! How did straights lose our foothold in the community? We underestimated the power sex has as a motivator… There are institutions that offer support for this lifestyle almost everywhere you turn.

So how does a family cope? There is a crying out of portions of society who are being hurt by the lifestyle “choice” of self Identified Homosexuals. Some of the Most deeply affected people in the lives of the Persona “coming out” are the parents. There are thearapist who specialize in sexuality and can be a great resource in sorting out past issues that have led to homosexual feelings and/or tendancies. Issues that hurt very badly to address sometimes, issues like rape, or child abuse. Issues that may source from the family directly! Sadly, many thearapists must pass through the institution of the American Psychological Association. The A.P.A. has held a political stand on homosexuality that goes back to politics in the 1970’s, all the way back to the Stonewall riots. When the A.P.A. said, “If they are happy and well adjusted Homosexuals, let’s let them stay Homosexual!”, they basically agreed to a quick and dirty solution to an issue among psychologists that stems back to Sigmund Freud HIMSELF!

There was a call at one point to introduce these elements of homosexal support into our community. People responded to it! The came and build these institutions, raised the funds, held rallys, WORKED HARD TO NORMALIZE HOMOSEXUALITY! While we were sleeping over the last 25 years, a mighty homosexual movement has swept the nation. Now homosexuality threatens our family unit. Some of us have strived all of our lives to put together the strongest household possible to ensure that the family line continues. More often than not, The Family line Ends at Homosexuality…



[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Broward County vs. The Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America….

They are caught up in the resurging wave of a Socialist movement in America. The Nazi’s in Germany had a similar paramilitary group. The pedrastic leanings of the Nazi’s tried to subvert Germany’s youth this way too. Keep our Children safe from Homosexuality… Support your local scouts! OPPOSE QUEER AMERICA!

Update from 09/26/01 Broward School District nears an agreement with the BSA

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Flying the Gay Skies!!!

Gays Reach Deal With Airline

Economics is a big motivatior in a lot of the desicions a company makes about what demographic to go after. I’d say that the Airlines were going after the notoriously brand loyal market of Homosexuals… But where the heck is the loyalty to the Straight Christian market? I would like to see commercials catering to my sense of morality. Don’t christians have brand loyalty too? Well at least I know we have a sense of what a Boycott is all about.

Here’s another log for the fire…

US Airways Company & Corporate Info

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Homosexual Foreign Relations

We’ve fought so hard in the Arena of foreign relations, it’s a terrible shame to see our lack of “National Moral Fiber” on display. George W. Bush has appointed an “Openly Homosexual” Ambassador to Romania. Currently Homosexuality is Illegal in Romania… A very fine policy I might add, we could stand to learn a lot from the Romanians. Here is a report put together by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commision. Of course some of it is Humanist Propoganda, but I think it represents the current situation pretty well.

Old Article 200

Proposed Atricle 200

So now we have people in the GOP like General Colin Powell shaking hands with our new Romanian Ambassador, Michael E. Guest and his Homosexual partner… Here’s the full scoop.
GOP General greet’s Gay Romanian Representative

This is a tragedy, Romania is a country with a rich tradition and heritage. It is a country that is still struggling with remaining issues surrounding old communism. America is subsidizing Democracy in Romania with American Tax dollars, and where does American Government get off sending an Ambassador who for all intents and purposes should be locked up under Romanian law?! This is an outrage! An insult! I knew George W. Bush’s foreign policy would lead to conflicts like this! I bet his descision was an ill informed one… *sigh* in a time that we should be working together to cooperate to steady America, questionable international politics like this WILL NOT CUT IT! Write the White House! Tell ol’ Dubya to get his act together and stop sending insults to our Allies in Europe! OPPOSE QUEER AMERICA!

Contact George W. Bush

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Homosexual Health Care

Congress voted to Pass a bill Abolishing Marriage! After a heated vote to support Domestic Partnership benefits, Congress voted instead to do away with Marriage altogether… Just kidding, but they might as well becuase who would get married if they can just apply for benefits without the commitment… Let’s just give benefits to everybody… Marriage doesn’t matter. I’ll just shack up with my partner and get medical benefits. Sound scary? It is… Now Social parasites (Homosexuals) can get benefits for their partners in D.C.! Instead of strengthening the institution of marriage, the Congress decided that Lesbians and Gays get the benefits normally reserved to dedicated partners. So Why get married? Good question… If you are currently in a heterosexual marriage, congress is sending a clear message that they want to cheapen your bond with your spouse, reduce your benefits and use YOUR tax dollars to fund Homosexual health care. Contact your Congressional Representative and your Senator! Ask them, “Why are you cheapening my Marriage?”

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Love Won Out

This Saturday, in Atlanta, Focus On The Family hosted a seminar educating concerned citizens on the nature of Homosexuality and the Agenda of Pro-Gay Socialists in America. The Seminar lasted all day and was protested by the local Chapter of the Lesbian Avengers. These militant feminist anarchists were held at bay by the local police forces and all in all the 20 or so disfunctional individuals that participated in the protest were highly ineffective. After a highly unsucessful round of marching up and down the road waving a pride flag they gave up, and went home… The sad sad nature of these sexually broken individuals was apparent as representatives from the seminar went out to witness to the group. The protesters were composed of many young college students from GSU and Emory University. The members of the Lesbian Avengers were extremely unprepared for the event and had no literature and nothing to say other than Hate-Speech at the passing cars. This was a truly sad display of the irony of the homosexual movement in America. The very people who are against hate are the ones breeding it. What can we do for these unfortunate individuals. Don’t look away! Pay attention to them and listen! Only then can you see the lost look in their eyes…. Meanwhile the site for the Atlanta Chapter of the Lesbian Avengers is down…

Atlanta Lesbian Avengers

This group is sponsered locally in Decatur at the Youth Pride Center.

302 E. Howard Ave. Decatur, GA

We Can Stand United Against the insanity of the Sexually Broken!!!

Don’t Look Away!!! Don’t Ignore!!! Confront Whenever Possible!!!

Oppose Queer America!!!

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


The Atlanta City council is in Crisis!!!

The Elections to city council in Atlanta Nov. 6th will be one of the most highly contested elections in the history of the city. Due to the success of the openly lesbian candidate Cathy Woolard, an unprecedented number of openly Gay candidates are running for office in the Atlanta Elections. Southern Voice has run a column on the subject, which despite the horrific and unethical biases of Southern Voice, does a decent job of covering some facts surrounding the Anti-Hetero candidates in Atlanta.

Southern Voice

While it may seems that bringing an openly Lesbian candidate back to the city council promotes some element of diversity. It really is an active indication of the sad moral state of the inner city. Can the people living in the surrounding areas in Georgia ignore what happens in Atlanta? Most suburbanites can’t live long without a trip into the city whether for business or pleasure… Something needs to happen to change this trend. An unsavory, immoral, unsanitary and sexually broken population have taken up residence in a local area called Midtown. As Pride Parades wreck the area by clogging the streets with garbage and public nudity and drunkenness, candidates like Cathy decide to focus on sidewalks as a major focus for her time on the city council. Here is a hard hitting candidate who isn’t afraid to take on the big issues like Sidewalks…


[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


In the unfortunate aftermath of that Atlanta City Council Elcetions, we find that we are now in the hands of a force of unmitigated moral depravity. Cathy Woolard has been elected to the seat of the Atlanta City Council President. This push of local homosexuals to control our city government is a new movement born out of recent political change. I don’t see why we didn’t elect a Satanist or some other representitive of the dark side of man. Truly it is a dark day in the city of Atlanta. We can take solace in the knowledge that in two years we will be given the opportunity to change up. In the mean time, I urge people to be aware of your representatives sexual orientation. These Wolves in Sheeps clothing lurk in most urban political scenes. They lobby in nightclubs and speakeasies that cater to the pro-gay agenda. I wonder, where is the fabled strength of the Churches voting block. Have we become so lax in our civic duty? Surely we must wake up or perish at our own inactivity! I take the opportunity in this entry into the activism log to remind those out there of a seldom advocated view on sin. Nobody likes to hear about the ultimate penalty of their evil. There is one man, an erstwhile ally whom is ridiculed for his radical message and methods. In a way he calls us to remember that God is to be feared. Fred Phelps, where are you today? We need your radical message on the footsteps of the Atlanta city hall. Please help us remind Cathy Woolard of where she is headed and why we shouldn’t let her carry Atlanta there. Of course Pride will be in full force in the next two years, like a preening peacock that is begging to be plucked. Well burn brightly Cathy, you will be welcomed into hell if you persist in your ways. Try not to take too many with you as you revel in your Deathstyle on this earthly plane. Let’s let Phelps remind you where you are headed…



[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Lesbian Anarchists seeking to convert your Daughters in Higher Education

Once in a while if you dig deep you see the truth behind the actions of Homosexuals on the College campuses across the nations. These groups are usually shouting out to justify their existance to the rest of the student body. Every year around the start of the new school year these groups seek to recruit, much like the fraternities, a new class of followers to carry on the work of darkening the students souls. There is a group at a small hardly noteworthy womens college that has declared themselves a chapter of the Lesbian Avenger (My Favorite Group of Man-Hating Anarchists!)This Laughable group has constructed a homegrown webpage to outline their actions over the past years. Unfortunatle it’s reather sparse and lacking in substance. (hmmmm, much like so many Vapidly Arrogant, Self-Absorbed Lesbians!) However I wanted to include it here because I took a moment to do the smallest thing I could to help their cause…
Lesbians of Randolph-Macon Women’s College, You’ve been Mirrored by the Burning Black Triangle!!! =D
The next step is to start your own counter culture groups on campuses across the nation…
The Avengers of Sexual Wholeness!! Hmm sounds peachy!!! lol!

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


PFLAG Addresses the left behind spouses of Homosexuals

I don’t normally give much support to PFLAG because of their obvious bias toward a Pro-Homosexual politic. Sometimes they have interesting materials catering to the family of the Struggler. I thought the following document shed some light on the plight of spouses of individuals who choose to “Come Out”. Of course if we were to take this in context of the truth. Individuals who choose SEX over Spouse and Children should be condemned for their selfishness. It amazes me the easy way that some people throw away the vows of marriage. Those vows used to (and still do for some people) have real weight. They used to be respected and when times were tough in a marriage people would remember their vows and use them as a source of strength when in doubt. Of course now… Doubting often leads to divorce. Tough times mean that many people look for the greener grasses on the other side of the fence. Why on earth, if one was questioning their gender, would you subject some one you claim to love to marriage only to destroy the very thing your straight spouse holds dearly? Herein lies the root of the Narcicism and Selfishness of the homosexual. Review this link… for the most part PFLAG illuminates the issue, but does precious little to condem the individual who brings about chaos and ruin to their own houshold for the sake of their own selfish SEX.

[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


This is my New Years Resolution…

Heterosexual Activist Outlines Goals of Heterosexualist Movement

by the Burning Black Triangle, “Straight Revolutionary”

“We shall destroy your sodomite sons and sapphite daughters, emblems of feeble sexuality, of shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall expose them in your schools, in dormitories, in gymnasiums, in locker rooms, in sports arenas, in seminaries, in youth groups, in movie theater bathrooms, in army bunkhouses, in truck stops, in clubs, in houses of Congress, wherever men are with men, and women with women together. Your sons and daughters shall be cowed and shall do our bidding out of fear. They will be recast in our image. They will come to respect and thank us. Women, you cry for freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with deviant men; they make you unhappy. We, connoisseurs of righteousness and masculine duty, shall inspire your men to commitment then. We will inspire them; we will instruct them; we will encourage them when they are frustrated. Women, you say you wish to live with righteous men. Then, Women, go and marry with your Men. We shall tutor your men in the ways of the faithful that they have never known because we are foremost sinful too, and only God knows how to truly guide man; only God can understand the depth and feeling, the mind and body of man. New laws prohibiting homosexual activity will be enforced. Legislation shall be passed which engenders love between God and man. All homosexuals will stand together to be judged; we must be united morally, philosophically, socially, politically, and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious homosexual enemy. If you dare cry Str8, breeder, or homophobe, at us, we will rip out your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies. We shall write poems of the love between men and women; we shall stage plays in which man openly worships God; we shall make films about the love for God inside heroic men which will replace the cheap, superficial, sentimental insipid, juvenile, homosexual infatuations presently dominating popular culture. We shall sculpt statues of beautiful angels and of bold leaders, which will be placed in parks, squares, and plazas. The museums of the world will be filled only with paintings of graceful, noble and moral people. Our writers and artists will make love for the One True God fashionable and de rigueur, and we will succeed because we are adept at revealing evil in the hearts of man. We will eliminate homosexual liaisons through usage of the devices of cleverness and through the light of truthfulness, through which the love of God will prevail. We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals. You will be shocked and frightened when you find that your presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar, bourgeois, heterosexual figures you assumed them to be. They are everywhere; They have infiltrated your ranks. They will fear to speak against heterosexuals because we are always among you; we may be sitting across the desk from you; we may be sleeping in the same bed with you. There will be no compromises. We are not the placid, weaklings. Highly intelligent, we are the chosen of the God, and the steely-willed faithful will never settle for anything less. Those who oppose us will be exiled or destroyed. We shall raise vast public support to defeat you. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by the love of the Lord and the honor of Christ are invincible as were the ancient soldiers of Judea. The family unit-spawning ground of Truth, Faithfulness, Exceptionality, Strength and Peace–will be lauded and encouraged. The family unit, which fosters imagination and promotes free will, must be supported. Perfect children will be conceived and raised in the watchful grace of Christ. They will be bonded together through the practice of holy communion, under the guidance and instruction of Faithful servants of God. All churches that support homosexuality will be burned. Our God, will be the Only God. We adhere to the words of the bible, moral restraint and a Godly life. All that is ugly and vulgar and banal will be annihilated. Since we abominate homosexual conventions, we are free to live our lives according to the dictates of Jesus. For us too much faith is not enough. The exquisite society to emerge will be governed by Godly poets, like king David. One of the major requirements for a position of power in the new society of heteroexclucivity will be the adherence to God’s Law. Any man contaminated with homosexual lust will be automatically barred from a position of influence. All males and females who insist on remaining stupidly homosexual will be tried in courts of justice and will be put to death. We shall rewrite history, revisionist history filled and debased with your homosexual lies and distortions. We shall portray the fealty to God of the great leaders and thinkers who have shaped the world. We will demonstrate that heterosexuality and intelligence are inextricably linked, and that heterosexuality is a requirement for true nobility, true beauty in a human. We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to accept your seemingly innocent, homosexual show throughout the ages. We are all too capable of firing guns and manning the furnaces of the ultimate cleansing. Tremble, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered swine, when we appear before you with our true hearts blazing with Love for God.”

Umm Umm Umm what was I thinking? Oh yah


[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Mississippi Needs Your Support!!!

Mississippi constitution change banning same-sex marriages in and out of state presented in 2002 legislative session, hate crime law amendment also presented.

SCR 504 will result in all eligible Mississippi voters going to the polls in November to decide whether or
not to amend the Mississippi state constitution by adding a section that bans same-sex marriages in
Mississippi, whether they were done here or in another state.

Equality Mississippi has setup a special section at its web site,where people can go and read the full
context of SCR 504, as well as get contact information for the members of the Constitution Committee.

House Bill 171. House Bill 171, presented by Rep Erik Fleming (D – Hinds), would amend Mississippi’s current hate crime law by adding ‘sexual orientation and age’ to the classes of protected characteristics.

Equality Mississippi (a pro-gay watchdog group) has also setup a special section at its web site for House Bill 171.

The following link is directly to the page on the Equality Mississippi site. The information so graciously gathered by the opposition can be used just as effectivly to our ends. We need to show our support
of SCR504 and our opposition to HB171. Please take a moment to Link this page to anyone within the state of Mississippi or anyone whom is concerned about this legislature.


[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


Support William “Pete” Knight

Very recent legislation (A.B. 1338) in California proposed legitimizing same-sex “civil-unions”
and the recognition of such “marriages” in other states.

A measure that plays word games with the established California Constitution.

This is actual text of the Legislative counsel digest showing the exact intent of this bill.

“This bill would provide for the issuance of a civil union license, and provide that the rights and obligations of a civil union, which could be entered into by any two persons, are the same as those of a marriage.”
-Assembly Member Koretz

Senator “Pete” Knight is championing the opposition of this bill. He is a parent of a Gay child.
He has, despite being related to someone self-identifying as “Gay”,
reservations about furthering the dilution of the sacred and legal institution of marriage.
I’m wondering what can be done on a national scale to support this man and his efforts to block A.B.1338

Here is his commentary on the Bill

Here is his Website

I reccomend searching for AB1338 if you interested in reviewing the actual text of the Bill.

Legislation like this must be opposed in every state as it is a crucial step in recognizing Gay marriages on a national level. Some may ask, “Why oppose this?”

I say to you, if we allow an accepting environment to this lifestyle it will only flourish like a weed.


[PFOX webmaster’s log:]


I thought maybe we could take things down a notch and post a prayer…

I thought this was a very nice one. I found it being used by a Universal Unitarian “Christian” Who belived in the “Cosmic Christ”. Well, I just wanted to take this prayer back for the use of people who aren’t full of fruit loops in the head… So If you are a card carrying Homosexual Who lives in a nice house, gets three squares a day, has no worries about your job in this time of economic turbulance, and Cums everynight with your “Partner”, you’re living in the lap of luxury, but your soul’s dying as a lapdog of SATAN! (muhuhaahahaa!!!) Try struggling a bit for something less superficial and then maybe you’ll see what success is really all about.

A Franciscan Benediction

May God bless you with Discomfort…
at Easy Answers, Half-Truths, and Superficial Relationships,
so that you may live Deep Within Your Heart.

May God bless you with Anger…
at Injustice, Oppression, and Exploitation of People,
so that you may work for Justice, Freedom, and Peace.

May God bless you with Tears…
to shed for those who suffer
from Pain, Rejection, Starvation, and War,
So that You may reach out Your Hand to Comfort them
and to turn their Pain into Joy

And may God bless you with enough foolishness…
to Believe that You can Make a Difference in this World,
so that You can DO what others claim cannot be Done.

So here the Franciscan’s are asking us to question easy answers to sexual feelings. “I feel Attraction to the Same Sex, I must succumb to homosexuality because all my homo buddies say it’s cool and ok to do and I shouldn’t worry about what my parents think or my other friends, I should just succumb to the easy answer of homosexuality and go Cum…” ok… Try seeking more tangible answers to your feelings, pay attention to where they are coming from inside of you and understand that homosexuality is acting out in an overt way the internalized pains or confusion we may be living with.

God has blessed me with an abundance of Anger. I can’t say it’s all good but I think I know what that Franciscian was saying about Injustice, Opression and Exploitaion of People. I’m totally Angry at the Injustice being wrought in the legislative bodies of America today. Laws legalizing and condoning Homosexuality are becoming more prevalant. Bodies of lawmakers who are unprepared to deal with these issues can be blindsided and the legislation is allowed to muscle through on a blitzkrieg vote. I’m being Oppressed today in my everyday life because when I say I believe homosexuality is Wrong, immoral and dangerous, people slam down on me for expressing my faith and personal beliefs. My everyday beliefs are being Suppressed, Oppressed, Repressed, and generally Ignored. People who believe in the disfunctionality of Homosexuality are being forced into the “Closet” and that’s just what Homosexualist politicians want. As far as Exploiting people… This is the worst I think because the people that are being exploited are the children of the next generation. The children in your public schools, your Sons and Daughters are being desensitized to the very Sins a Christian should oppose. Not just Homosexuality, but Adultery, Divorce, general immorality, sexual deviance in all forms, lack of compassion for their fellow man. Tolerance comes at the cost of accepting all that may bring harm to your child. It’s like laying out a banquet of Wholesome foods and sprinkling poisoned bits in amongst the goodies while saying, “try a bit of everything, you never know what you might like”. Exploitation of your children is something the Homosexualist Core is doing TODAY. Not will do, not has done, but IS DOING NOW… We have got to stop it.

Blessings of tears is an easy one to talk about. Would you trade a second of pain for an eternity of bliss? Most people would say yes. What I mean by that is, being close to God and choosing to follow his path on this earth may cause some initial discomfort, especially if you live with one or more demons riding on your back kicking you everytime you try to kick the Sin habit. But an earthly lifetime of discomfort is nothing compared to eternal life with God. It’s a second, a nanosecond, a tiny itty bitty speck of discomfort on the vast plains of salvation. When one begins to think that submitting to sexual brokenness is pleasurable and therefore means extending comfort to the hurting people, wounded by past sexual trauma or current confusion over gender identity, you’re only throwing these people anvils in a sea of despair. True Comfort means adressing the hurts, crying about them, living with the hurts and allowing those pains to make us better people. Pain allows us to identify with the suffering and calls us to act to prevent such pains and rescue those who hurt. Making the pain go away doesn’t always solve the problem. Sometimes dismissing the pain away allows us to ignore when the wound begins to fester… When sufferers succumb to homosexuality and live deep in the lifestyle, numbing internal deficciency with empty sexual encounter after empty sexual encounter, It is all too common to find that the pains that have been covered up by sexual fulfillment have now been compounded with STD’s… True Comfort means telling people the true rammifications of their actions, truthfully adressing the risks and dangers. True comfort is not a thin patch over a great gaping wound. True comfort heals from the inside out.

Now if you’ve made it this far in my rant. You’re going to enjoy this relativly quick ending to a long tirade. I pray that I AM foolish enough to continue this work of opposing Homosexuality. I feel at times, very tired of pushing against a giant behemoth of contemporary homosexuality. However, I have at times given the Giant a “Hot-Foot” and made it, at the very least, take notice that we are here. Every David has his Goliath… My Goliath is Modern Homosexuality, and I am going to make a difference. I will work to do the things that people say cannot be done.


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Wayne Besen of the HRC. A shining example of the kind of hatred Homosexualists are really capable of. This shell of a human has decided that in his fanatical quest to convert and recruit indiduals into the Gay lifestyle he has no other place to make headway except in the ex-gay newsgroups on yahoo networks. Recently he has been caught e-mailing people directly with pieces of blatant pro-gay/anti-ex-gay material. Nobody asked him. As a matter of fact we told him over and over again his input was not welcome in the e-group. Because his message can only be appreciated by those on the cusp of decision he has continued in his offense againt humanity by resorting to passing out 8 balls at a Cocaine Anonymous meeting. Because he is so low, he brings his mini bar with him to AA meetings. His sub-human drive to prey upon the weak has made him into a vampire. He of course, MUST be gay as the HRC ONLY hires homosexuals. That is a glaring irony in the national pro-gay organizations…. Only homosexuals… I see all the time on the newsgroups catering to pro-gay organizations, advertisements for jobs with youthpride organizations and then the national chapters as well. They import homosexuals from all over the country to participate in the biggest thing that has ever happened in thier small needy lives. They get to participate in the biggest lie they have ever seen. The only way to paint these national organizations in a good light is to hold them up in comparison to Nazi Germany and even then groups like the HRC are simply mirrors to the great perpetrators of the holocaust. Instead of furnaces they burn people in their own bodies. They advocate the Spread of AIDS and HIV, they try to propogate homosexuality because it makes donations go up. If they attack those who are considered enemies they reap the benefits from hundreds of screaming homosexuals who blame everybody but themselves for the crap in their lives. Well, Wayne Bessen, heres to you. Burn Baby Burn…


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Don’t let a wolf lead your sheep astray! Fransicans of the American Catholic Church want to Ordain Women, Ordain Homosexual Men, Marry Gay people, Marry Divorcee’s, and of course molest altar boys… They take pride in it. It’s the truest spirit of the Anti-Christ. That which mocks God. That which cannot be holy, but only plays at holiness. These guys don’t even have a relic. They play at being Catholic. All their webpages have less hits than the BBT home and that’s just sad… I thought I would post this picture as a reminder of where Play Acting at Christianity will lead you to. Feel the heat…

Oppose Queer America!!!

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision,
it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
—Audre Lorde

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

If you know the enemy and know yourself,
you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
–Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second,
it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
–Arthur Schopenhauer


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The Homosexual Agenda
6:00 am Gym 8:00 am Breakfast (oatmeal and egg whites) 9:00 am Hair appointment 10:00 am Shopping 12:00 PM Brunch 2:00 PM 1) Assume complete control of the US Federal, State and Local Governments as well as all other national governments, 2) Recruit all straight youngsters to our debauched lifestyle, 3) Destroy all healthy heterosexual marriages, 4) Replace all school counselors in grades K-12 with agents of Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels, 5) Establish planetary chain of “homo breeding gulags” where over medicated imprisoned straight women are turned into artificially impregnated baby factories to produce prepubescent love slaves for our devotedly pederastic gay leadership, 6) bulldoze all houses of worship, and 7) Secure total control of the INTERNET and all mass media for the exclusive use of child pornographers. 2:30 PM Get Forty Winks of Beauty Rest to prevent facial wrinkles from stress of world conquest 4:00 PM Cocktails 6:00 PM Light Dinner (soup, salad, with Chardonnay) 8:00 PM Theater 11:00 PM Bed (du jour)

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