On his personal blog, Exodus executive director Alan Chambers shares his letter to the Boston Globe, responding to a Jan. 20 article (archive fee required) about monogamous gay teen-age couples’ aspirations for getting married someday.

Chambers accuses the Boston Globe of

  • promoting underage teen marriage,
  • encouraging teens to drop out,
  • excusing underage marriage when the partners are the same gender,
  • encouraging the spread of HIV/AIDS among teens.

Chambers’ accusations are puzzling. None of the teens plans to marry before graduation. None is considering dropping out. Their parents are supportive. None of the teens is depicted as engaging in the unsafe or multiple-partner sex that put teens, regardless of sexual orientation, at risk for HIV.

Chambers seems unable to understand a short, plainly written article about gay teen couples who express the same forward-looking aspirations for marriage as heterosexual teen couples.

Chambers’ letter is not helped by his use (and misquotation) of controversial gay-gene research by Dean Hamer.

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