In an op-ed column for The Tallahassee Democrat, anti-ex-gay activist Wayne Besen warns that Florida’s plan for a faith-based prison may lead to favoritism for fundamentalists.

Gay activists such as myself will be watching closely to make sure our tax dollars are not illegally used to teach a right-wing view of religion or homosexuality. We consider such extreme religious views dangerous and bad for society.

True freedom of religion requires Bush to fully embrace the value of all faiths represented in the prison system. This includes equal treatment and a full array of services for Eastern religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as unorthodox faiths such as Wicca.

Besen questions whether a gay, Jewish or atheist inmate would have the courage (or suicidal instinct) to object to religious persecution when such minority prisoners would face the wrath of fundamentalist convicts.

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