Stephen Bennett Ministries says it merely wanted to post an ex-gay billboard in Albany, the capital of New York state:

Stephen Bennett Ministries billboard
The Stephen Bennett Ministries billboard

Bennett had little difficulty finding a privately owned ad firm to reject the ad (for reasons unknown). His response was not exactly discreet or diplomatic. He named the agency, provided links to pressure groups, and complained to WorldNetDaily:

“It never ceases to amaze me how biased and unfair the media really is,” he said. “Sharing my story has given thousands of people hope – homosexual men and women who are unhappy with their same-sex attractions.”

Bennett does not express an awareness of distinctions between corporate news media, corporate entertainment media, public broadcasting, and advertising venues. He shows little respect for the right of a company, liberal or conservative, to select its clients. He does not indicate the price he was willing to pay for ad space. He does not explain the poor technical quality of the ad graphic. Nor does he mention attempts to contact conservative regional advertising companies, of which there are several.

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