Ecclesiastes 1:9 has nothing to do with “lesbianism” or the Showtime cable network, but that didn’t stop Exodus from cutting-and-pasting a random Bible verse into its Jan. 23 issue of Spotlights.

Exodus board member Anne Paulk ridicules ‘The L Word,’ the Showtime network’s new weekly drama about lesbian characters. After accusing the show of invading her home and threatening her children (why does she have cable, and why does she pay for erotic channels?), Paulk says:

Instead, I measured it against the truth I know. Most of the women with same-sex attraction I have known, surveyed, or interviewed have had considerable difficulties in their lives to deal with including childhood abuse, depression, alcoholism, over-eating, drug addiction and various other forms of self-medication.  Depression and suicidal thoughts have been rampant and most often related to the breakup of a same-gender sexual or romantic relationship.

Ms. Paulk is among the Exodus leaders who have spent the past few years locking gay people out of their lives: cutting off friendships with gays, misquoting gay former friends in their publications, ridiculing efforts at dialogue, and lobbying for laws to promote discrimination. So it does not surprise me that the same-sex-attracted people left in their lives are, in fact, unhappy individuals who are struggling with multiple disorders while resisting treatment by “secular” medical professions.

Addendum: While Ms. Paulk criticizes ‘The L Word’ for its failure to reinforce stereotypes, independent writer Jennifer Vanasco praises the show for its depiction of lesbians as unique and complicated individuals.

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