Commentator Deroy Murdock wrote an op-ed for Scripps Howard, reminding heterosexuals that their non-monogamous straight peers — not homosexuals — are the ones with a track record of undermining marriage.

In the Jan. 16 edition of Spotlights, spokesman Randy Thomas responded.

Thomas said:

While conservatives should continue work against the constant undermining of marriage in public policy by homosexual activists, they should also increase vigilance toward broken heterosexual attempts to redefine marriage.

But this isn’t about an either/or focus as Murdock and some gay leaders would like. Conservatives should actually increase opposition to gay marriage because in that front of the culture war public policy is being altered and will carry with it far reaching public policy implications. The heterosexually broken are undermining marriage from another standpoint: the moral conscience of our society. I will be so bold to say that it is the heterosexual community’s compromise and moral disintegration that is the bedrock of advancement in the gay agenda.

Exodus executive director Alan Chambers proceeds to call Democrats and liberals “hypocritical” if they vote for anyone except Howard Dean as an alternative to George Bush. Chambers happily envisions of an America divided between two “either/or” camps of political extremists, and places Exodus firmly on the side of one extreme.

A strange vision, indeed, Mr. Chambers: Howard Dean is seen by many liberals as a moderate, not a true liberal in the mold of Dennis Kucinich, the Green Party, or the Democratic Socialists of America.

By endorsing Dean as the candidate for liberals, Chambers may have endorsed a compromiser — in Chambers’ language, a “hypocrite.”

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