PlanetOut reports that “a 7-year-old Louisiana boy was scolded by his teacher, sent to the principal’s office and required to attend a discipline session after he told a classmate his mother was gay.”

How is this relevant to Ex-Gay Watch? Exodus International frequently alleges, without much documentation, that the nation’s public schools are under the control of the “pro-homosexual agenda.”

But the Louisiana school was public, and the case is just one of many documented and fought in the courts — ultimately at taxpayer expense — by the ACLU and GLSEN on behalf of harassed students and their parents.

From PlanetOut:

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, Marcus McLaurin was in line for recess on Nov. 11, when a classmate asked about his parents. Marcus explained that he had two mothers, because his mother was gay. When asked what that meant, the boy replied “gay is when a girl likes another girl.”

Later that day, Marcus’ mother, Sharon Huff, was concerned after receiving a call from the assistant principal, who informed her that Marcus was in trouble for using a word so bad that it couldn’t be repeated over the phone. But her concern, Huff said, “was nothing compared to the shock I felt when my little boy came home and told me that his teacher had told him his family is a dirty word.”

XGW is very concerned about the tone and extremity of Exodus allegations of homosexuals’ “one-sided political recruitment” in the public schools. We are especially concerned when Exodus battles to maintain school environments where families and friends of gays are stopped from speaking or even holding silent vigils. These Exodus statements aren’t merely snarky P.R. stunts that happily pander to antigay popular culture.

No. One-sided publicity stunts of the sort waged by Exodus arguably feed on, and fuel, culturally ingrained harassment waged against real children.

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