In browsing Google News today, I found a handful of articles linking high risk of HIV infection to closeted and homophobic same-sex-attracted populations (and their spouses) living in isolation from openly gay communities and safer-sex education efforts.

In other words, populations most likely to join ex-gay programs.

Here are some of the articles:

HIV-AIDS Staggers African-Americans
Upsurge in infections among closeted New Zealanders
AIDS/HIV infection cases on the rise in Tennessee

So, of course, it was a little ironic today (but not surprising) that FRC promoted re-stigmatization of homosexual behavior, whether a given behavior is safe or not.

While it is true in one sense that “stigma” surrounding a disease can sometimes prevent people from seeking needed testing and treatment, re-stigmatizing the reckless and immoral behavior that spreads the disease in the first place is the key to prevention.

FRC then proceeded to lobby for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages and civil unions — in effect, punishing monogamy.

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