A New Zealand news site reports on a survey finding that men resembling the ex-gay profile — “men who were isolated [from other gays] or too scared to come out and identify as gay” — were highly likely to practice unsafe sex.

Subsequent surveys have found the HIV infection rate doubling in the nation’s southern rural communities.

Kerry Price is gay men’s health manager for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.

Mr Price said the surge in infections in the South Island was fuelled partly by “deeply closeted” men who have sex with men living in isolation from any identifiable gay community, which made it difficult to reach them with support and safe sex education.

It may be advisable for ex-gays and other antigay same-sex-attracted individuals to pay closer attention to the role that closeted sexual attractions, antigay values, and unsafe binges play in the spread of HIV. Unfortunately, the Exodus web site offers no AIDS-prevention information, except to reject condoms even as a fallback measure, and to require “total abstinence” from an ex-gay population prone to unsafe compulsive behavior.

NZAF takes a very different approach, launching an AIDS-awareness campaign in Christchurch and Dunedin featuring a nude male model with “back to basics” condom messages.

The appeal to male libido has me wondering: Where are the statistics comparing the effectiveness of AIDS-prevention posters featuring sexy nude men, and posters portraying disfigured men suffering from HIV- and medication-related side effects?

The most effective AIDS-prevention picture that I’ve seen in recent times was that of a nude, old Larry Kramer sporting a distended belly and other obvious signs of advanced liver disease. That photo killed my sex drive for a week.

(Or was it the Paxil?)

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