Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas periodically blasts critics of Dr. Laura, broadly associating them with terrorism.

Exodus should be more careful of who it defends, as well as how.

Journalist Natalie Davis cites news sources reviewing Dr. Laura’s new book, in which the author assigns wives the role of sex slave pandering to a husband’s lust on demand.

Exodus undermines its own message and credibility when it defends snake-oil merchants, like Dr. Laura, who undermine femininity and marriage for personal gain or attention; and when it broadly smears the integrity of the merchants’ critics.

Dr. Laura’s critics are liberal and conservative, gay and straight, and they have legitimate moral objections to the woman’s antifamily values.

Memo to Exodus: Stop undermining femininity and marriage. Ask what Jesus would say to Dr. Laura — and to impressionable young women who are taught that looking and acting like a prostitute makes one more feminine.

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