Ex-gay Gregory Quinlan of Pro-Family Network says all gays can not only change their orientation, they can all become lockstep, politically correct, social conservatives too.

Hence this petition — a series of insults and strawman arguments wedded to an online marketing and fund-raising campaign.

In addition to marketing Quinlan’s ideology, an e-mail announcing the petition also marketed these ex-gay propaganda items:

–Homosexuality and the Bible
A must for your library!
One of the most complete, chronological and exhaustive resources available! Covers every verse in the Bible, chronologically, from Genesis to Revelation, dealing with homosexuality, heterosexuality, sexual behavior, sexual perversion, gender creation, cross dressing, sexual sin, marriage and familial roles. By Gerald Wright.

Order now!

–7 Myths and The Medical Truths and Dangers about Homosexuality
With two audio CDs from former homosexual Stephen Bennett!

Is homosexuality genetic? Can a homosexual change? Find out in these CDs!
Purchase supports Stephen Bennett Ministries!

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–The Report: The Gay Agenda in Public Education
How is the gay agenda being promoted in your children’s classrooms?

Check out this video and learn what your kids are being taught about homosexuality in their public schools!

Order now!

On sale $14.70 off! Only $5.25!

Ya gotta love the ad’s tackiness, if nothing else.

Pro-Family Network is not an Exodus affiliate.

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