The Raving Atheist and Arthur Silber offer thoughtful commentary on Bishop Wilton Gregory’s alleged appeal to moral relativism.

Rev. Gregory, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, warned this week of “startling” data in an upcoming study on 50 years of sexual abuse in the church. He asked the public to view the study relative to other categories of potential offenders.

You may ask, How is this blog entry relevant to XGW? Exodus last year issued what I considered a blanket defense of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ crackdown on gay priests even as the bishops were protecting sexual abusers.

All moral thought, especially that of religious conservatives, involves a degree of relativism, does it not? I simply ask that conservatives be honest about it — and re-examine any temptation to change the subject when the ethics of their conduct are scrutinized.

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