Is it terrorism when a gay couple from Canada wishes simply to cross the border as a couple?

Concerned Women for America now labels them “domestic terrorists.”

CWFA appears to have stooped to a new low in the trivialization of terrorism.

However, a Google search finds countless examples of isolated gay or antigay threats of violence being counted as “terroristic.”

For example, on Sept. 2, Exodus described angry gay individuals’ death threats against Dr. Laura as “terrorist.”

At a glance, none of the examples found by Google seem (to me) nearly as trivial as CWFA’s desperate rant against gay foreigners.

But until dictionaries — and the public — opt for a more specific definition of “terrorist,” we are likely to see culture warriors continue to exploit and trivialize terrorism.

How long will it be, before the act of waking up is considered a terrorist threat by one’s rivals — or before cash-deprived gay and antigay culture warriors attempt to raid the federal antiterrorism budget?

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