From a message posted to the Silt blog, and mentioned briefly in comments at XGW some time back:

John Paulk called into Mike Signorile’s radio talk show last week. It was truly amazing radio. Paulk said he was a fan of the show. He went on to make some startling admissions about still fighting gay lust and disagreeing with many on the Christian Right. He even said that the Christian Conservatives need to “admit they don’t love gays and start from there.” He made other comments about when he went to the gay bar in DC and said he felt more comfortable around gay people because they are more understanding, compassionate, intelligent, etc. The way Paulk was going on and on it was like a gay recruitment ad.

I don’t feel sorry for John’s wife, Anne, if John publicly admits experiencing same-sex attraction. So what if he does? I don’t see how that reflects on her, or their marriage. I assume that all marriages experience some degree of external attraction, and that sexual desire within some marriages might be significantly lower than the spouses’ sexual temptations from outside the marriage.

Contrary to the assertions of the Christian Right, marriage is not solely about one penis and one vagina. It’s about building a family.

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