Texas Rangers Gay Day received a modest turnout of gay sports fans — but Concerned Women for America apparently has its cities mixed up: It greets gay sports fans with a Bronx cheer.

CWFA said:

The 8 by 4 foot neon green sign outside the Texas Rangers’ Arlington stadium near Dallas on Sunday night proclaimed the outcome: “Christians 300, ‘Gays’ 200, Jesus wins.”

That was the final score as Christians rallied outside the stadium in protest of what was billed in the media as “Gay Day at The Ballpark.”

Those 300 protesters included members from two local churches on hand to pray and witness and 100 who bused in from Heritage Baptist Church in Mount Enterprise, Texas, 180 miles away.

Despite claims from the Resource Center of Dallas that they would draw 1,000 homosexual baseball fans to Sunday night’s game, the group was able to sell only 200 tickets for the special roped-off section.

“This is a victory,” Rick Warden told CWA’s Culture and Family Institute. “This was a larger victory than simply protesters outnumbering homosexuals.” Warden heads www.protestgayday.com, an organization formed to speak out against the tide of homosexual acceptance.

For all CWFA’s bluster, the antigay turnout amounted to just three inhospitable, not-very-Christian churches possessed by an odd desire to bully gay sports fans.

CWFA neglects to mention that the game received only modest turnout overall — and that many gay sports fans in Dallas-Fort Worth would rather just go and watch the game, not sit in a roped-off section and be jeered at and threatened on TV.

Alliance Defense Fund cited the CWFA article in its Alliance Alert last week, and Exodus International cited it in its Media Synopsis for Sept. 22.

The Exodus synopsis states, “Exodus International, North America (EINA) does NOT support or endorse any of these particular articles unless specifically noted.” Yet Exodus declines to reprint any propaganda from gay-tolerant groups in its Synopses as a matter of policy. And the synopsis for Sept. 22 did not cite any mainstream media coverage of Texas Rangers Gay Days. Based on Exodus selective coverage, I believe it is safe to conclude that Exodus is a bit more sympathetic to CWFA’s inhospitality than toward organizations seeking to advertise the fact that, gasp, some gays like sports.

Other propaganda cited without criticism by Exodus in its “media” synopsis:

AgapePress News Summary (September 19, 2003)
A county health department in Pennsylvania is under fire for sponsoring a homosexual pride celebration. But the department is defending its decision to sponsor the event that many local citizens found offensive.

Radical homosexual activists who demand public approval for their behavior have mounted another significant legal attack on the Dominion of Canada. If you think this has no effect on us here in the United States, think again. Canadian law influences us more than we realize.

Focus on the Family: CitizenLink, September 18, 2003
Senators Endorse Federal Marriage Amendment

TVCNews – TVC’s National Newsletter – Vol. 6, Issue 36 September 19, 2003
San Diego College Group Wants ‘Unisex Restrooms’ on Campus
Summary: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Union (LGBT) at San Diego State University is pushing for unisex restrooms on campus to cater to so-called “transgender” students.

Kansas Attorney Fears Sodomy Case Will Abolish Protection For Children
Summary: An ACLU law suit against a Kansas sodomy law will be used to destroy state laws on marriage and children, says the Kansas Attorney General.

Lawyers Seek To Abolish Laws Against Teen Sex
Summary: A Wisconsin lawyer defending a 14-year-old boy charged with having sex with a 14-year-old girl is arguing that children have privacy rights that should be respected.

Canada On Verge Of Criminalizing Bible As ‘Hate Speech’
Summary: Legislation passed on September 17, 2003 in Canada will add “sexual orientation” to the nation’s genocide and hate crimes legislation. This new law will be used by homosexuals to suppress religious freedom.

WorldNetDaily, Art Moore, 9/18/2003
Canada: Bible as Hate Speech Measure Passes

XGW recommends:

  1. that Exodus separate the antigay propaganda from its so-called “media” synopses, and place the propaganda in a separate “Paranoia Synopsis”;
  2. that if Exodus does not share a fanatical organization’s viewpoint on, say, optional unisex restrooms, then it should say so — or else balance the organization’s propaganda with propaganda from opposing sides.

As for CWFA, we respectfully recommend that Robert Knight purchase a copy of “Good Sportsmanship for Dummies.”

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