The Exodus national office displayed a selective respect for freedom of speech and self-determination in its news release for Sept. 16.

Exodus promotes “freedom from homosexuality,” without defining what that means, and it defends freedom of speech — for ex-gay advocates, but not necessarily for gay people of faith.

To be fair, Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas shows respect for Mormons despite pressure from judgmental Christians. So, one naturally wonders, where is the respect for gay people — specifically, their homes, jobs, families, and places of worship?

Mr. Thomas tries to explain his perspective on freedom, but not very successfully:

For some seeking freedom it very well could be internalized homophobia but for most it is the realization that the life promised as defined by “gay” is not fulfilling but rather isolating and in many cases destructive. It’s not a phobia; homosexuality is found by many to be unfulfilling and incongruent with God’s will.

“The life,” singular, is an insulting generalization, and Mr. Thomas neglects to point out that he has redefined “gay” in order to make it fit his understandably unfulfilling profile of compulsive sex, loneliness, separation from God, low self-esteem, rejection from family members, and social contempt. To his credit, however, Mr. Thomas at least admits that homosexuality is not found by “most” or “all” to be unfulfilling or contrary to a faithful walk with God.

Mr. Thomas adds:

The Lord is pleased when we unconditionally seek to equip and minister, rather than bullying or division. As long as we participate with all the cards on the table and at the Lord’s discretion, the Lord will honor the effort.

Hold on a minute: Mr. Thomas omitted several “cards” in the news release. He neglected to remind his audience that Exodus national leaders favor discrimination in employment, housing, government services, and worship. He reminds us of Exodus’ affiliation with PATH but neglects to mention that Exodus and the other PATH member organizations continue to violate PATH’s core principles.

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