Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas protests XGW’s reflections on the Michael Johnston tragedy here.

My response:

Thomas neglects to mention that, after he blogged about his personal reservations over the criminalization of sodomy, he reversed himself:

Sodomy Law Challenge set before Supreme Court

When I first mentioned this in the Spotlights last year, I wrote that I was concerned about Christians picking up this battle without remembering the human side of those they oppose. The concern was that the war of words would get in the way of presenting the gospel and respecting individuals dignity. After much reflection and more research it does appear that if the Supreme court overturns this case it could be a watershed event in redefining the family. Therefore, in the realm of public dialog, the possibility of overturning the laws deserves opposition from those of us who want to defend our beliefs as they pertain to Biblical models of relationships. Of course it is up to the reader on how to make their views known.

Subsequently, Exodus escalated its public support for sodomy laws and its political support for Sen. Rick Santorum.

After the Supreme Court ruling, Exodus expressed mild reservations about the severity of sodomy laws — but it longed for their return with regret and alarm at the consequences for America:

As a result of today’s ruling, young people will be led into further confusion. Alan chambers states, “Our young people are not going to grow up under the same teachings about morality that we did. The school books will simply state that homosexuality was legitimized by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2003. We are risking the moral upbringing of all the generations to come.

At no point did Thomas or Exodus call for changes to existing sentencing for sodomy convictions.

Thomas accuses XGW and its participants of slander. Slander, by definition, is a falsehood spoken with malice. But Thomas offers no specifics to substantiate his remarks.

At the moment, I find no malice in XGW discussions of Johnston, nor falsehoods. I do see moral outrage at Exodus’ support for Peter LaBarbera, as he minimized Johnston’s offenses and threw stones at homosexuals. And I see some obvious animosity as a consequence of the Exodus national office’s irresponsible behavior.

If someone can offer details of whatever “slander” has occurred, I welcome civil discussion about it and I will be happy to retract and correct any factual errors.

However, if one compares XGW to other gay-tolerant venues, my hope is that one will find XGW has been exceptionally fair and reserved toward the ex-gay movement.

Personally speaking, I remain supportive of local ex-gay ministries IF they are honest, apolitical, professionally run, scientifically accurate, and respectful of diverse individuals.

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