We are unlikely to see ex-gay activists call for that.

Because, despite the desire of Exodus leaders and the religious right to see the nation’s homosexuals made prosecutable on sodomy charges, it appears they do not wish for their own activists to be held accountable to the same laws.

(Nor do Exodus and the religious right apparently wish to see Johnston prosecuted under a Virginia law that forbids the intentional transmission of HIV. According to The Washington Blade, such an act would constitute a Class 6 felony, punishable by imprisonment of between one and five years, and a fine of no more than $2,500.)

A couple months ago, I personally warned Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas that sodomy laws threaten ex-gays. Thomas did not listen. Shortly thereafter, Exodus publicly defended sodomy laws and criticized the Supreme Court.

Thus far, the Exodus national office, Coral Ridge Ministries, and the Culture and Family Institute have avoided the implications of their public policy positions when they are applied to Michael Johnston.

I don’t believe sodomy laws make good civil policy for anyone, but if Exodus and the religious right believe otherwise, then they should advocate for equal enforcement. Ex-gays are not above the law.

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