Rev. Carol Anne Lawler writes in The Charlotte Observer:

To the Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham: Who died and left you God?

Benham’s group, Operation Save America, is holding rallies this week in front of abortion clinics, churches and mosques to denounce abortion, the Muslim faith, and the Supreme Court’s decision overturning the Texas sodomy law. In May Benham attended Charlotte’s annual Gay Pride Festival and screamed throughout an entire commitment service.

He makes the words "Most people have enough religion to hate, but not enough to love" ring true.

Lawler boils down Benham’s "lifestyle" pretty well.

Benham told fellow protesters with apparent glee, "All of Charlotte can be terrorized at the church coming out the closet." (Emphasis mine.)

I don’t know about terror; Benham’s plans for a July 18 protest sound more like a haunted house. The protest at the gay-affirming Metropolitan Community Church in Charlotte "will feature nine caskets, one for each of the nine Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of overturning Texas sodomy law."

Hmmm, only six justices voted to overturn, but who’s counting?

Benham’s organization complains that police intimidate him, singling his protests out for high security. But if gay activists were the ones screaming their lungs out at marriage ceremonies, issuing public death wishes against churchgoers and Supreme Court justices, or overstepping police lines, then perhaps Benham would think otherwise.

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