Here are the criteria for participation in the discussion forum at Stephen Bennett Ministries.

What can get your post/topic deleted?

Since we are devoted to opposing the gay agenda and helping the struggler in becoming who he/she was meant to be, that according to their birth gender, glorifying the Lord in actions, word and deed, it would stand to reason that we would tolerate:

Nothing that would be counter to God’s desire. No sexual inuendos, no talk about remaining in homosexuality and trying the dating of the opposite sex, no conversations that tend to give glory to homosexuality and it’s various organizations, no links of web sites of such. No encouraging of the bar scene and especially the old crowd where homosexuality is rampant. Vulgar language will get you bounced out of here and topics that seem to promote homosexuality will be deleted and then you may get bounced out too.

Homosexuality is not healthy and is not ordained of God as an alternative to heterosexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I love you all but will not tolerate foolishness and promotion of any sexual practice that is not ordained of God. No promotion of sex outside of marriage and no promoting of divorce.

In other words, gay participants are not allowed to be honest about themselves — not allowed to not have sex with 10,000 people a year, not allowed to not go to bars, not allowed to support family values, not allowed to profess a Christian faith if it differs from SBM’s, not allowed to document their messages with links, and not allowed to be in seemingly healthy, longterm, loving relationships.

Gay-tolerant participants are not allowed, really, to contradict any of the stereotypes put forward as truth by Stephen Bennett.

This sort of spiritual hubris, frequently found in officially sponsored ex-gay discussion boards, reflects poorly on ex-gay organizations.

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