Clint Bolick of the Institute for Justice writes in The Washington Post that while conservatives defend freedom of association for the Boy Scouts, they oppose freedom of association for gay people.

Bolick is fair about the issue, however: He notes that many liberals oppose freedom of association for the Boy Scouts, while supporting same for gays.

According to CNS News, Regina Griggs can’t quite make up her mind where her group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays stands, regarding employees’ freedom of association:

On the one hand, PFOX demands equal time at the FBI for ex-gay employees, though no ex-gay FBI employee group seems to exist. At the same time, however, PFOX opposes the recognition of any employee group based on sexual orientation.

CNS News also reports:

Some homosexual advocacy groups agreed that either all groups should be recognized or none should. “Gay pride” should be honored along with Black History Month, Asian-American Heritage Month and others, they said.

However, Dr. Bill Maier, a resident psychologist with Focus on the Family, said homosexuality should not be officially recognized in the same way that black and Asian Americans are recognized. Homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic, such as race or gender, he said.

Such matters as religion also are chosen — they are not immutable. No doubt Maier, a fair-minded man, opposes the recognition of Jewish employee groups.

Then again, perhaps not.

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