From Friday’s Calgary (Alberta) Herald:

It is “selfish and rude” for the gay community to push for same-sex marriage legislation and “redefine society’s traditions and conventions simply for our self-indulgence,” says a national homosexual group.

John McKellar, executive director of Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism, said Thursday that the organization is in agreement with the Alberta government’s opposition to sanctioned same-sex marriages. …

“Within that two to four per cent minority, less than one per cent are interested in same-sex marriage or even domestic partnership legislation,” said McKellar. “In other words, federal and provincial laws are being changed and traditional values are being compromised just to appease a tiny, self-anointed clique.”

In 1999, this article paraphrased McKellar endorsing ex-gay therapies and declining to say whether homosexual acts can be moral.

Google returns 60 references to McKellar’s group.

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