Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas says he’s glad that Republican National Committee is going to meet with ex-homosexuals.

Does Randy believe that PFOX reflects well on the ex-gay movement?

If this is the case, then my first reaction is, The ex-gay movement is a ship headed yet again for a reef.

PFOX’s subsurface rocks are churning up waves, driftwood and old skeletons, all crashing on the movement’s horizon. But the gospel music on board this ship is turned up loud, and the crew isn’t listening for the danger.

On second thought, I wonder if the ship’s crew sees the reef on its map, but believes that faith and positive P.R. alone will permit them to barrel through some gap in the reef, hoping the Republican passengers won’t notice all the rocks, wreckage, and skeletons strewn about.

Perhaps Exodus and the religious right will rethink the meeting with Racicot, and nominate an ex-gay group that will be less embarrassing to the movement than PFOX.

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There is an excellent discussion that directly parallels this one at WitchesVoice on the activities of cC ‘ex-witches’.

Would urge you to check it out. The subjects are people who claim to have been delivered from Wicca by being born again. Some of them have formed ministries, written book and risen to prominence in the cC world.

Interestingly, once the lies and deceptions that the exes have presented are exposed. When it is shown that their supposed involvements are physically impossible. And clearly did not happen the way they claim they did. On and on. The exwitches still continue their ministries. A sizable portion of the cC simply does not care about secular fads like facts and evidence.

Suspect this will also be the case with Exodus and the exgays.

—Dale • 5/11/03; 4:50:28 PM

I see what you’re saying.

It’s worth my raising such parallels in the blog, to show that gays aren’t alone in being lied about. To show that, instead of seeking to understand truths about other people, segments of conservative Christianity consistently, deliberately, and stubbornly lie about anyone who seems different from them. Perhaps they do it to make themselves feel better when, rationally, their positions are not only false but contrary to the religion that they profess.

To be fair, some gays do it too — demanding that all Christians are miserable greedy gluttonous fascist wretches, or overgeneralizing about “conservatives” the same way that Randy and Tammy Bruce overgeneralize about “liberals.” But unlike the religious right, these gays aren’t promoting job discrimination, marital breakup, and imprisonment. So they’re not a major concern of mine.

Mike A. • 5/13/03; 10:29:28 AM

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