Randy Thomas, Exodus spokesman, reviews the Tammy Bruce book The Death of Right and Wrong.

Surely for an Exodus official to discover diversity in lesbian politics is a good thing. I haven’t read Bruce yet; nevertheless, at this early stage, I still see a tendency by Thomas to believe that “because the gay Left is wrong, we on the Right must be right.”

I think we have a classic case of two wrongs here: the sins of the Left and the sins of the Right. Each issuing “screeds” blaming the media for not covering the other side’s wrongs. Each pointing to the other side’s “narcissism.” Each claiming the other side operates outside any spirit of moral accountability.

As I see it, both the Left and the Right are partially correct about the other side — while persistently avoiding a careful look at themselves.

Nevertheless, I’m still glad to see Thomas broadening his perspective a bit on lesbians.

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The review would have been easier to follow if Randy had defined the term ‘malignant narcissism’ which is apparently the centerpiece of Tammy Bruce’s argument. Found this really cut down on my understanding of what he was talking about. Without defining the term, the subject seems to be open for any projections one wishes to put into it.

—Dale • 5/11/03; 4:35:47 PM

I agree. Randy’s blog assumes everyone knows what he’s talking about. I see this often with the religious right: They label people and beliefs instead of explaining or detailing them. Randy leaves us with little idea of what Bruce really said, beyond the fact that he found some common ground with her.

—Mike A. • 5/11/03; 5:41:13 PM

It seems to me part of general discussion to define terms. This is not rocket science; it is simply part of communicating. Malignant means threateningly bad, narcissism is a vague word relating to self absorbtion, maybe. Is he talking about the evils of self interest, values of altruism, what? By not explaining, things are left to be filled in at personal agenda terms. Nice way to seem to be all things to all people. General intellectual sloppiness at work here.

—Dale • 5/11/03; 10:48:28 PM

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