Our Christian traditions tell us that Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead today, victorious over sin that had enslaved humankind.

Faithful Christians are thankful for that gift, which was liberation from death, injustice, and spiritual oppression.

Sadly, there are still some Christians in our world who are not so thankful. On both the Left and the Right, they seek to deny other groups of people access to liberty, peace and salvation. There are still Christians who promote job discrimination, harassment in the schools, censorship online, and perhaps worst (from a Christian standpoint), diatribes in the very churches that should be saving people, not condemning them.

Today I am grateful for my liberation not only from sin in general, but from the personal isolation of my almost-ex-gay lifestyle in high school and for the first 18 years after high school. I am grateful that there are gays and ex-gays who tolerate one another, who live and let live.

I pray for those Christians who feel they cannot rise and be victorious in their own faith unless they create difficulties for God’s other children.

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