Over the past three days, the Family Research Council has harshly criticized the GOP for not defending Sen. Rick Santorum. It has done so not only in its own publications, but also in the mass media.

As reported by countless media outlets, Santorum has stated that the American family’s right to privacy should be eliminated in favor of surveillance and prosecution by Big Government, particularly when relationships inside the home — gay, nonmarital or extramarital — offend local or national bureaucrats.

The White House and GOP leadership have been understandably silent, thus far, about Santorum.

Bush and Republican Party officials have always placed a very high value on public loyalty. Disloyalty is viewed as an extreme moral failure. When groups or individuals express disloyalty or ingratitude toward the leadership, these groups are gradually eased away from the corridors of power. Gary Bauer is but one example of religious-right activists who have crossed the GOP, and lost.

Now America waits to see whether Exodus and other religious-right organizations join FRC in acts of betrayal against the GOP.

Meanwhile, the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America and Focus on the Family have already joined Santorum in attacking the American family’s right to privacy.

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