-The Tempe, AZ city council unanimously approves an anti-discrimination ordinance.

-A public gay wedding takes place in Burma/Myanmar.

-A former Miss Kentucky comes out of the closet.

-The University of Texas distances itself from Professor Mark Regnerus.

-The Maryland State Senate passes a transgender rights bill.

-A group of Western Republicans signs a brief supporting marriage equality.

The Nation takes a look at the anti-gay climate in Cameroon.

-Pope Francis hints that he might be willing to support civil unions.

-Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana denounces Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law.

-Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper clarifies his support for marriage equality.

-A gay man is brutally beaten outside a gay bar in Minneapolis.

-Santa Fe, NM elects an openly gay mayor.

-A Lebanese court strikes down a law banning gay sex.

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