Protests across Russia lead to more than sixty arrests.

-A same-sex marriage ban fails in El Salvador.

-The US Justice Department extends additional federal rights to married same-sex couples.

-Ireland prepares a marriage equality referendum for the 2015 ballot.

-A college football star may become the NFL’s first openly gay player.

-Nevada’s Governor and Attorney General withdraw their support for the state’s marriage ban.

-The Kansas House passes a pro-discrimination bill.

-A federal judge rules that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

-The Idaho Supreme Court rules that gay couples have the same adoption rights as anyone else.

-Russia announces that prospective parents in countries with marriage equality will no longer be allowed to adopt Russian children.

-A gay Republican candidate features his partner in a campaign ad.

-Indiana voters will not vote on a marriage ban in 2014.

-A British pro footballer comes out of the closet.

-A federal judge declares that Virginia’s marriage ban is unconstitutional.

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