What’s happening this week among hardline ex-gay activists:

  • Anne Paulk: 'I appreciate Dr. McFarland's assessment and call for those who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ to continue in His standards and His plan for human relationships. There is no way to justify departing from God's ways to embrace another way without showing that we humans are fickle and spiritual traitors. We abandon heavenly wisdom for futile human associations...'Veteran ex-gay activist Anne Paulk and Alex McFarland, a guest writer for antigay evangelical James Dobson, equate their own antigay prejudice with”God’s ways” and “His standards and His plan for human relationships.” Opponents of bigotry are “spiritual traitors,” Paulk says. (See screen capture at right.)
  • African-American ex-gay activist D.L. Foster equates “gay activists” of all races with white slave owners.
  • The hardline Restored Hope Network implies a desire to damn gays to hell, but admits that God might interfere with that hope. “We cannot guarantee someone’s salvation, since we are not God, nor do we proclaim that any one individual is not going to be saved.”
  • Restored Hope Network co-founder and board member Andrew Comiskey reminds us that he believes God “transforms” those who pray hard enough. And if you are not cured, it’s apparently your fault.

In other news:

  • Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will defend Ohio’s antigay constitutional amendment and antigay marriage law, but will not appeal a temporary federal restraining order issued Monday which requires Ohio officials to recognize a gay couple’s marriage, according to Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed.



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