Restored Hope Network coordinator Anne Paulk posted the following to Facebook overnight:

Restored Hope Network post on FacebookI am always amazed at the people this topic attracts to our page. Some people who do not believe in God are drawn to come to our page to call names of those of us who do.

Paulk was reacting to Christians who politely disagreed with some extreme statements by RHN.

RHN wasn’t being heckled or harassed, as far as XGW can determine; its extremism was being disagreed with. And when you dare to disagree with RHN, even politely, you get deleted.

It’s a bit unsettling to see RHN equate itself with God, and to require belief in it as a condition of faith in God.

And it’s kinda disturbing to see RHN uttering verbose false piety and self-flattery to drown out critics of its theological extremism.

It’s even more concerning that, in responding to civil commenters while deleting them, RHN creates the impression that it is talking to ghosts — or to schizophrenic voices in its own mind. Does RHN see the irony in its narcissistic self-dialogue?

And  it can be downright annoying to see Paulk — who was never a lesbian, and who describes her current lifestyle the way normal people describe bisexuality — claiming (for the umpteenth time in 20-plus years) about how she has “left the old way of homosexuality” which she never lived, and which thankfully most gay folks haven’t lived either.

What’s most alarming, though, is RHN’s tendency to summon godlike magical power to silence and destroy anyone who questions the organization’s factually inconsistent, Biblically deficient, deeply insecure, and unorthodox brand of “orthodoxy. ”

People of real Christian faith don’t fear civil criticism. They don’t shout pieties like clanging cymbals. They don’t stomp out discussion about God’s grace. They don’t undermine Christian communities that think differently. And they don’t crave opportunities to enforce religious laws that they themselves violate without remorse.

By equating belief in God with belief in itself, the organization exhibits a lack of faith — in God, and in people of good will.


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