A member since 1988, Portland Fellowship has announced that is has left the Exodus International network in a recent newsletter (PDF).

Portland Fellowship has removed its affiliation with Exodus until changes in leadership take place and the mission is restored.

Jason Thompson, executive director of Portland Fellowship, goes on to list the two issues that have brought about this split.  Referring to the recent changes at Exodus, where Alan Chambers has said that 99.9% of the people he knows have not changed their sexual orientation and that he expects to see his “gay Christian brothers and sisters” in heaven, Thompson says:

The problem for many Exodus ministries, including Portland Fellowship, is the two-fold message; 1) there is no eternal reason to seek repentance for the self-identified and practicing ‘Gay Christian’; and 2) that change simply isn’t a goal or a strong reality for the majority.  So what is the point of Exodus?  At the recent annual Exodus conference, Alan opens the conference by answering the question with, “the answer that came to mind was the thing I was looking for was I didn’t want to be alone anymore.”

Thompson has shown himself to be somewhat moderate and approachable in the past.  He was one of the few from Exodus to attend the Ex-Gay Survivors event in 2007.  However, towards the end of this letter, he recommends that people read Robert Gagnon’s 34 page screed (PDF) rebutting Chamber’s recent statements.

Gagnon’s ultra-conservative views, rabid obsession with homosexuality, and tendency to write lengthy position papers in response to just about everything make him an odd choice for someone like Thompson, or so we might have thought.

The letter does not make it clear if Portland Fellowship will be joining the splinter group, Restored Hope Network, but it seems a safe assumption.

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