-More than 200 gay couples exchange wedding vows at a rally in Cleveland.

-The Department of Homeland Security announces that it will allow same-sex families to enter the US together.

-India’s Supreme Court reserves its verdict on the decriminalization of homosexuality.

-The National Organization for Marriage’s secret strategy documents are brought to light.

-Chilean President Sebastian Pinera promises an anti-discrimination law in the wake of a brutal anti-gay attack in Santiago.

-The NAACP condemns NOM’s race-centered tactics.

-The Russian Parliament considers a ban on “homosexual propaganda.”

-Rick Santorum stops a boy from using a pink bowling ball.

-The Government of Malta prepares a civil partnerships bill.

-Politico notes the Republican Party’s quiet retreat on gay rights issues.

-Truth Wins Out calls on the media to reclaim the word “Christian” from the religious right.

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