-Rosie O’Donnell interviews Randy Roberts Potts and Nate Phelps.

-Openly gay Idaho state senator Nicole LeFavour announces her candidacy for Congress.

-Jim Burroway clarifies for the uncertain how Kirk Cameron’s anti-gay comments were offensive.

-Denmark’s Prime Minister promises a marriage equality law by summer.

-Former Vice President Walter Mondale joins the fight against Minnesota’s marriage ban initiative.

-The Omaha, Nebraska city council passes an anti-discrimination ordinance.

-The Pennsylvania state house kills a proposed constitutional marriage ban.

-The Center for Constitutional Rights sues Scott Lively for the role he played in the inception of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

-The Italian Supreme Court rules that gay couples have a right to a family life.

-The US Senate overwhelmingly confirms a gay judicial nominee.

-Focus on the Family campaigns for a “religious liberty” ballot measure in Colorado.

-Jurors return a mixed verdict in the Tyler Clementi suicide case.

-President Obama releases a statement opposing North Carolina’s marriage amendment.

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