Celebrity preacher Mark Driscoll, of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, is a bully — though that’s no revelation to anyone familiar with his macho posturing and derisive attitude towards those who fail to live up to his archaic vision of the Christian alpha male.

Now Driscoll is in trouble again over a vicious Facebook status update in which, with all the finesse of a high-school jock, he called on his followers to expose and ridicule effeminate men:

So, what stories do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leaders you’ve ever personally witnessed?

Mark Driscoll Facebook status update

Before Driscoll apologists take issue with “expose and ridicule,” I ask you what other possible intent Driscoll could have? By characterizing effeminate men as “anatomically male” — he could have said just “male,” or even just “worship leaders,” since only a male can be effeminate — he’s clearly making fun. And by asking for “stories” about subjects his followers have “personally witnessed,” he wants more than vague, friend-of-a-friend tales. He wants the details. “Expose and ridicule” is a frighteningly accurate description of his request.

Doesn’t Driscoll know that every day millions of effeminate young men suffer untold misery because they don’t live up to his misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic ideal of what a man should look and sound like? Doesn’t he know that many kids would rather kill themselves than face such humiliation? Apparently Driscoll doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

He removed the offending status update when he was called out on it, but he has yet to comment on why he made the remarks in the first place.

If he hasn’t learned not to be a vicious bully by this stage in his pastoral career, Mark Driscoll should look for another job.

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