A group of wealthy Republicans lend their financial support to the push for marriage equality in New York.

-Rick Welts, president of the Phoenix Suns, comes out of the closet.

-…and so does CNN anchor Don Lemon.

-Anti-gay demonstrators disrupt a march for marriage equality in Adelaide, Australia.

-A gay rights parade is held in Havana, Cuba.

-The United Belize Advocacy Movement challenges Belize’s sodomy law.

-Officials in Moscow, Russia ban another gay pride rally.

-A Kentucky politician belatedly goes public about his support for marriage equality.

-A new study finds that gay Catholic priests are no more likely to abuse minors than straight priests.

-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg lobbies for marriage equality in New York.

-Missionary Timothy Miller is indicted in the Miller-Jenkins child abduction case.

-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker takes a step toward stripping same-sex couples of hospital visitation rights.

-The Rhode Island House votes in favor of civil unions.

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