-Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin has a change of heart about marriage equality.

-The Colorado Democratic Party elects an openly gay chairman.

-A Maryland legislator comes out of the closet.

-Lisa Ling takes a look at the ex-gay movement.

-A school board in Corpus Christi, TX reverses its previous stance and gives approval to a student Gay-Straight Alliance.

-The Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee votes to advance a civil unions bill.

-Two Kansas state representatives declare that the state should keep its law against same-sex relationships on the books.

A Swedish footballer comes out of the closet.

-The Obamas headline a conference addressing bullying in schools.

-A transgender woman is the victim of an apparent murder in Arkansas.

-An anti-gay politician in New York is embroiled in scandal.

-The Maryland House postpones a vote on marriage equality by sending the bill back to committee.

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