-The Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs launches a twelve-step program for gays.

-Singer Jason Mraz declares that he won’t marry until gay couples can marry as well.

-A gay couple in Dallas celebrates their 50th anniversary.

-A PFLAG mom is named Senior Australian of the Year.

-House Republicans prepare a push to overturn the District of Columbia’s marriage equality law.

-Florida State Rep. Mark Pafford introduces a domestic partnership bill.

-Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie nominates an openly gay woman to the state Supreme Court.

-Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato is murdered.

-56% of New Yorkers now support marriage equality, according to a new poll.

-Iowa Democrats block an attempt to advance a gay marriage ban.

-France’s Constitutional Court upholds the nation’s current marriage law.

-The Hawaii State Senate passes a civil unions bill.

-A Louisiana man is hospitalized following a brutal anti-gay attack.

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