-Taiwan LGBT Pride hosts the largest pride parade ever held in Asia.

-University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong files an ethics complaint against his anti-gay stalker, MI Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell.

-The Family Research Council campaigns against a pro-life but gay-supportive Republican congressman.

-An aggressive street preacher gets a taste of his own medicine.

-Lexington, KY elects an openly gay mayor.

-US Voters elect a record number of LGBT candidates.

-David Cicilline becomes the fourth openly gay member of the House of Representatives.

-Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal pledges to block any attempts to vote on a same-sex marriage ban.

-A mother defends her five-year-old son’s right to dress up as a female character for Halloween.

-Two Christian groups in Connecticut speak out against anti-gay bullying.

-The Association of Professional Chaplains concludes that repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would not negatively impact the ability of chaplains to perform their duties.

-George Takei has a message for former Arkansas School Board member Clint McCance.

-The Log Cabin Republicans ask the US Supreme Court to overturn the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision that suspended the overturning of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Truth Wins Out organizes a protest outside NARTH’s 2010 conference.

-Israeli journalist Yoav Sivan recounts the Israeli Defense Force’s decision to allow gays to serve openly.

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