-A group of thugs in the Bronx abduct and torture two teens and a man for being gay.

-Serbia’s pride parade is marred by anti-gay violence.

-Another gay teenager commits suicide.

-New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino makes blatantly anti-gay remarks, then claims he isn’t homophobic.

-US District Court Judge Virginia Phillips orders the Department of Defense to immediately cease enforcement of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-The son of an anti-gay university professor comes out of the closet.

-Perez Hilton pledges to be kinder.

-The US Department of Justice prepares an appeal of Judge Phillips’ ruling against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-NOM plays the victim card after 150,000 people sign a petition protesting Mormon Elder Boyd Packer’s anti-gay remarks.

-A 14-year-old boy is the victim of an anti-gay beating on a Long Island bus.

-Rudolf Brazda, the last known survivor of the Pink Triangles, shares his story.

-Jon Cowan and Evan Wolfson examine the Republican Party’s gradual shift away from opposition to marriage equality.

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