-Arson is suspected in the burning of a Tennessee lesbian couple’s home.

-A gay Saudi Arabian diplomat seeks asylum in the US.

-Florida governor and US senate candidate Charlie Crist assembles a paper supporting gay rights in general but not marriage equality.

-Highlands Church in Denver celebrates its first anniversary.

-An Indiana teenager commits suicide following years of anti-gay bullying.

-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid files for cloture on a bill to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-The National Organization for Marriage’s effort to influence the DC city council elections flops.

-Delaware’s Republican candidate for US Senate, Christine O’Donnell, has ties to ex-gay ministries.

-Ex-gay survivor Wade Richards talks about his experiences working with Christine O’Donnell.

-The IRS levies a $20K tax against a Christian nonprofit for its excessive lobbying against Hawaii’s civil unions bill.

-Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev is abducted by authorities and transported to Belarus.

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