-NOM’s sparsely attended “Summer For Marriage” tour concludes in Washington, DC.

-Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach reaches an agreement in federal court over his discharge under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Mexico’s Supreme Court rules that same-sex couples in Mexico City have a right to adopt.

-The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals grants a stay on Judge Walker’s ruling against Proposition 8.

-Radio Host Penna Dexter recasts Brandon McInerny, murderer of gay teen Larry King, as King’s victim.

-Germany’s Constitutional Court grants equal inheritance rights to same-sex couples.

-BuzzFeed chronicles “The 10 Dumbest Maggie Gallagher Quotes.”

-A religious right group creatively edits a poll on its website.

-Conservative TV personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck declares her support for marriage equality.

-The Department of Defense receives a 25% response rate to its survey on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Wisconsin Family Action files a lawsuit challenging the state’s new domestic partner registry.

-The boycott against Target continues.

-The Alliance Defense Fund reveals that its previously declared neutrality on civil unions is purely circumstantial.

-A federal judge rules that NOM must disclose its donor list in accordance with Maine election laws.

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