-Attorney David Boies takes on Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins on Face the Nation.

-Stephen Colbert weighs in on the Prop 8 ruling.

-Mexico’s Supreme Court rules that Mexico City’s marriage equality law is constitutional.

-The anti-gay “Truth Academy” flops.

-Fox News commentator Margaret Hoover advises conservatives to rethink their opposition to marriage equality.

-Another researcher accuses religious right activists of distorting his work.

-Ms. Magazine columnist David Dismore reminds readers what “traditional marriage” really entailed.

-The American Bar Association announces its support for marriage equality.

-Pam Spaulding reports from NOM’s Raleigh stop.

-An evangelical Christian rethinks her support for Proposition 8.

-Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court strikes down a proposed ballot measure that would have barred all recognition of same-sex couples.

-The American Psychological Association reaffirms its support for marriage equality.

-Judge Walker sets August 18 for the resumption of same-sex marriages in California, barring a successful appeal.

-New polls show a jump in support for marriage equality.

-Religious right activists target another gay Obama appointee.

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