-The religious right’s “May Day 2010” event draws fewer than 300 people.

-Country singer Chely Wright comes out of the closet.

-The Obama Administration delays efforts to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-A pair of Republican congressional candidates in Tennessee give implicit endorsement to violence against gay servicemembers.

-Three Republicans running for governor in Iowa sidestep a question about gay marriage.

-Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson offers some advice to Pope Benedict.

-The New York Court of Appeals upholds the rights of gay parents.

-Austria issues a gay pride postage stamp.

-Argentina’s House of Deputies votes in favor of a same-sex marriage bill.

-Candidate Nickie Antonio is poised to become Ohio’s first openly GLBT legislator.

-Another Olympic competitor comes out of the closet.

-The Family Research Council distances itself from disgraced co-founder George Rekers.

-An ROTC student is ordered to repay $80,000 in scholarships after coming out of the closet.

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