-Lithuania’s first pride festival takes place, but not without opposition.

-A group of UK Christians create a British version of the Manhattan declaration.

Debate rages over whether Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan should have to publicly declare her sexual orientation.

-A New Jersey school board votes to ban a gay-themed book.

-Police investigate whether an Indiana gay man’s murder was a hate crime.

-Former First Lady Laura Bush speaks out for marriage equality on Larry King Live.

-The Leon County, FL Commission passes an anti-discrimination ordinance.

-A Kentucky middle school student is belittled by a school employee for having lesbian parents.

-Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty promises to veto the domestic partnership bill passed by the state legislature.

-A Catholic school in Massachusetts denies admission to a boy with lesbian parents; the Boston Archdiocese quickly disowns the school’s action.

-Disputed Mutability drives home the reality of anti-gay bullying.

-The Malawi government faces growing pressure to release a gay couple imprisoned since December.

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