-Tarleton State University cancels a student production of gay-themed play Corpus Christi.

-Chai Feldblum receives a recess appointment to become the first openly gay head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

-Two members of the Dixie Chicks record a song about a gay teenager being disowned by his parents.

-Oklahoma lawmakers accidentally exempt the state from the wrong section of the federal hate crimes law.

-A gay British soldier holds his wedding reception in his regiment’s barracks.

-Singer Ricky Martin comes out of the closet.

-British gay activist Peter Tatchell defends an anti-gay pastor’s right to freedom of speech.

-The New York Times Magazine examines homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

-The Trinity Broadcasting Network settles a harassment lawsuit brought by a gay former employee.

-The Maryland House Judiciary Committee kills an effort to impeach Attorney General Douglas Gansler for his recent ruling on same-sex marriages.

-A Texas District Judge rejects an effort by the state’s attorney general to intervene in a lesbian couple’s divorce proceedings.

-Houston mayor Annise Parker issues a comprehensive anti-discrimination order.

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