-Sentencing of gay couple Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza in Malawi is postponed until April 8.

-Magician James Randi comes out of the closet.

-Lt. Dan Choi talks to Newsweek about the state of the gay rights movement.

-A Georgia teenager is given permission by his school to bring a same-sex date to his prom, then kicked out of his home by his parents.

-Out Front Colorado interviews ex-gay survivors Christine Bakke, Daniel Gonzales and Ryan Kendall.

-A federal judge rules that lesbian high school student Constance McMillen’s rights were violated, but won’t force her school to reinstate its prom.

-Another sexual abuse scandal rocks the Catholic church.

-The Pentagon adopts new rules making it more difficult to discharge soldiers under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Marine Corps Commandant James Conway argues that repealing DADT would require building separate barracks for gay marines.

-An anti-gay Hungarian politician is outed while attending a gay pride event.

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