-Nate Phelps, son of Fred Phelps, speaks out against Westboro Baptist Church.

-Recently discovered correspondence reveals that Count Laszlo de Almasy, the inspiration for The English Patient, was gay.

-Itawamba Agricultural High School tricks lesbian student Constance McMillen into attending a fake prom.

-Focus on the Family helps spread the latest disinformation from NARTH front group The American College of Pediatricians.

-Writer LZ Granderson challenges the myth of the “gay lifestyle.”

-The town of Dillon, CO elects an openly gay mayor.

-CNN’s Kyra Phillips provides a platform for discredicted ex-gay therapist Richard Cohen, then backtracks.

-Jamaica’s first gay pride event is held in Montego Bay without incident.

-The US State Department reports on the use of “corrective rape” against gays and lesbians in Zimbabwe.

-Actor Colin Farrell speaks out against anti-gay bullying.

-Reporter Todd Heywood finds support for gay rights in a militia group.

-Portugal’s Supreme Court declares that same-sex marriage is constitutional.

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