It seems that Exodus VP Randy Thomas is no fan of the recent resolution brought to a vote at Disney by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX).

The language PFOX uses is confusing. It appears they are doing a “find and replace” word processing function on their organizational messaging.  They are copying gay activist talking points and replacing every instance of “gay” with “ex-gay.”

Confounding rational minds everywhere, PFOX increasingly refers to ex-gay as a separate and unique sexual orientation.  If that seems like loopy logic, there appears to be a method to their madness as XGW contributor Dave Rattigan recently illustrated.

While Thomas seems to get the absurdity of PFOX’s argument, we would have preferred his message didn’t also include a backhanded jab to gays and lesbians.

We don’t move beyond gay ideology and identity to become an ex-gay member of an ex-gay community in need of the government (in America … as of right now) or a private corporation (like Disney) to protect us as such.  We are Christians … nothing more or less. Please don’t fight for special rights based on yet another false victim class.

We are Christians, not terminally unique “ex-gays.”  Let’s work toward the edification of the Body of Christ, not public or private policy to make us feel affirmed as yet another GLBTQExYZ protected class.

We would like to remind Thomas that we work for equality, not to become a “false victim class” or to obtain “special rights.”  And people of faith have been a “protected class” for decades.  These are all catch-phrases from anti-gay campaign rhetoric.  It’s good to know that he can see the folly in what PFOX proposes, but perhaps he could have found a way to say so without insulting many of the people he claims to care so much about.

PFOX was an Exodus member until last year.  The circumstances of that separation are not clear.

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