-Former vice president Dick Cheney joins the call for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Anti-gay mobs march in Kenya; police continue to hunt down gay activists in Malawi.

-Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell strips LGBT state employees of anti-discrimination protection.

-Southern African Anglican bishops denounce Uganda’s proposed anti-gay law.

-The city of Charleston, SC to host its first gay pride event.

-The New Hampshire House kills an attempt to repeal the state’s marriage equality law.

-The Archdiocese of Washington DC terminates its foster-care program in reaction to the city’s new marriage equality law.

-Grinnell College in Iowa installs an openly gay president.

-Another religious right activist endorses the death penalty for homosexuals.

-A federal appeals court orders the state of Louisiana to list the names of both members of a gay couple on an adopted child’s birth certificate.

-The Alliance Defense Fund claims that repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would constitute an establishment of religion under the First Amendment.

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