The President of Uganda appears to have distanced himself from the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, which would effectively introduce the death penalty for gays.

President Museveni told members of the National Resistance Movement that the bill had not been proposed by his party, nor by the Ugandan Government, but by a private member, David Bahati. He said he had received phone calls from several foreign leaders, including the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Canadian PM Stephen Harper, and all they wanted to talk about was “gays.”

He described the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a “foreign policy issue,” and proposed a meeting between his cabinet and Bahati to find a solution.

Dr Warren Throckmorton posted a full audio recording (unfortunately a little hard to hear at times) of Museveni’s speech, as well as the following video from NTV Uganda:

There is no reason to think the President has been swayed by moral arguments against the bill, but evidently he fears the international repercussions that its adoption into law might trigger. While he did not announce any concrete decisions, this is an indication that if the bill goes through at all, it will not be in its present format.

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